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I believe everyone has a FIT in their awareness of themselves.  FIT most certainly has a range. Your FIT may be small, like a grain of sand, or large like the ocean and beyond. 

The point is, is that you have one, and it can be expanded, nurtured, watered and polished, and stuck with!

The first step is acknowledging that you're FIT, that you have it, and being aware of it. The next step is to nurture and grow it.

Having the awareness that you have FIT, makes it internal, or a part of who you are - vs trying desperately to get something you don't already have. 

I personally find that growing something you already have, is a far better prospect than constantly chasing something you don't have. 

There is a spiritual principal that I became aware of at an early age. 

I'ts the concept of BE DO HAVE. I have used it many, many times in my life, and have seen it work it miraculous brilliance.


 Having is also 

((((Be Do Have is definitely the rarest of the three lifestyles and the most abstract, yet it is the only one that works. * (Update...It appears the Be Do Have model was originally created by Ram Dass. It was also used in the Erhard Seminar Training beginning in 1971, the Forum, and Landmark Trainings)))))

If you can BE it first, see it, feel it, experience it as a reality, then DO the things necesary to obtain it, you will HAVE it or manifest it. 

This concept is what you're already FIT is.

Another spiritual concept to beginning any journey, is to stand on your square, a place to begin. It's starting from an awareness that you have SOMETHING - even if it's small, and growing that.

Again, a much kinder and practical concept vs. starting from not having anything, and trying desperately to obtain something you don't have.

If you begin to be aware of having FIT, it becomes a personal relationship and something you'll value and nurture, and therefore be much more likely to stick with, because it's always there. You've not lost it, you may have just forgotten you already possess it.

My fitness has been my focus my entire life. I regard it as a physical accomplishment, and a spiritual journey. Throw in some humor, and you can grow your relationship with your FIT, which will lead to health, a sense of accomplishment, physical and metal well being, and not to be underestimated, looking great!

Since 1990, when I began training for the LA marathon, I have regularly kept an exercise journal. The important practice and routine journaling provides is acknowledged by mental health professionals world wide. The act of writing something down, makes it real. Since 1990, I have never taken any time off working out - unless taking a week off at the most if i was under the weather, or 10 days when I had a procedure done on my toe. The minute the stiches were out, I was in the pool!

I bring this up, because I bring a consistency and a longevity and can show you how to stick to your FIT. 

Everyone's FIT is unique to them. Mine is sprint triathlons and Ocean swims. I competed in my first triathlon in 1992, have placed in the top 3 of my age group 17 times, with 5 of those being winning my age group. I swam in the Dwight Crum 2 mile Pier to Pier swim 25 years in a row.

I believe my success has been that I am in touch with my FIT, and I can help you see, grow and stick to yours too.



Finding your fitness lifestyle, and including it into your life.

A 30-40 minute conversation.


Stick to it.

Unlimited support to hold you accountable and keep you on track. 

$100 per month.

Learn to swim laps !

A sport you can do your whole life. A 1 hour,  1 on 1 lesson.


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